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Which will be applied to LCD in rail transit industry?


Rail transit is a kind of vehicle or transportation system that operating vehicles need to run on a specific track. The most typical rail transit is a railway system composed of traditional trains and standard railways. With the diversified development of train and railway technology, rail transit presents more and more types, which are not only widely used in long-distance land transportation, but also widely used in short and medium distance urban public transportation“ "Rail transit" includes subway, light rail, express rail, tram, etc. Urban rail transit (URT) is a complex system with multi specialty and multi type of work. It is usually composed of track route, station, vehicle, maintenance base, power supply and transformation, communication signal, command and control center, etc. In the rail transit system, various kinds of automation equipment with computer processing technology as the core are used to replace the manual, mechanical and electrical train operation organization, equipment operation and safety assurance system.
Today, let's share some applications of LCD in rail transit。

  As a public oriented information display terminal, rail transit on-board display has a very wide range of civil and commercial value. The on-board display screen and the voice playing system carried by the train can accurately display and broadcast other information such as the arrival of the train and the arrival in front of the train. At the same time, it can play news, entertainment, sports and other video files for the public. For example: subway, light rail, etc

  Touch screen applied to the cab of metro, light rail and high-speed rail transit train.
  The wall mounted LCD advertising machine can be seen everywhere in the traffic station. It uses LCD display to play video ads, which is especially suitable for the comprehensive multimedia technology of high-end brands to transmit all-round product information and promotion information to consumers. Improve the appearance rate and display effect of products in the sales terminal, and stimulate impulse buying. It is placed in rail transit stations, stores next to products, etc., can automatically open for publicity. Compared with other traditional media and promotion methods, investment is very low and cost-effective. It has lightweight and ultra-thin fashion design, perfect advertising broadcast control function, automatic power on and power off every day, no manual maintenance all the year round, high shockproof level, human collision does not affect normal playback, support CF card playback media, stored video files can be played circularly, support wireless network maintenance update and other functions.

  Gate is a kind of channel blocking device (channel management equipment), which is used to manage the flow of people and regulate pedestrian access. It is mainly used in subway gate system and fare gate system. Its most basic and core function is to achieve only one person at a time, which can be used for all kinds of toll and access control occasions. According to the different arresting body and arresting way, it can be divided into three roller gate, swing gate, translational gate, rotary gate, wing gate, straight gate, etc.

Wing gate is generally called shear gate in rail transit industry, and its arresting body (gate wing) is generally fan-shaped plane, perpendicular to the ground, which can realize arresting and releasing through expansion. The blocking body is usually made of plexiglass, tempered glass, and some metal plates are wrapped with special flexible materials (to reduce the injury of pedestrian impact).
The liquid crystal display module of wing gate is used to display the working status of gate and relevant information of passenger card.
At present, the LCD screen used by the gate machine on the market is 6.5-inch, Youda g065vn01 V2 LCD screen.


Security machine, also known as security machine, security X-ray machine, luggage security machine, physical X-ray machine, X-ray luggage security machine, three detector, etc. With the help of conveyor belt, the checked baggage is sent to the X-ray inspection channel to complete the inspection. When the luggage enters the inspection channel, it will block the package detection sensor, and the detection signal is sent to the control part of the system to generate the X-ray trigger signal, which triggers the X-ray source to emit the X-ray beam. A fan-shaped X-ray beam passing through the collimator passes through the tested object on the conveyor belt, the X-ray is absorbed by the object, and finally bombards the dual energy semiconductor detector installed in the channel. The detector converts X-rays into signals. These weak signals are amplified and sent to the signal processing cabinet for further processing.

The processed signal is transformed into a real-time picture and presented to the security inspector through the LCD.

  with powerful function, flexible setting and high stability. It has two-dimensional bar code printing / activation, induction card recognition, bill printing, bank card recognition, password keyboard and other equipment. The touch screen LCD interface can be set with multi-level menu, which can display window name, announcement and other contents. The printed contents can be edited and modified flexibly, and the report can be counted in real time, It can generate various statistical reports. Without the intervention of the ticket seller, it can automatically identify the money invested, automatically calculate the total price of the journey and the amount of money invested by the user, and automatically change according to the amount of money.

Passengers can choose their own station and destination through the touch-screen LCD interface. The system will calculate the ticket price according to the distance, and identify whether to change according to the money invested, and issue the ticket.


  Led liquid crystal signs are distributed at all exits and bus stops of rail transit stations to guide passengers to transfer quickly or choose the right exit.

Above, we have roughly introduced the application of LCD devices in 7 places of rail transit, and the use of LCD devices in rail transit is far more than that. If you need to know more about the application of LCD in rail transit, you can contact us, and we will give the supporting scheme of industrial LCD and corresponding product specifications one by one.

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