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Application case of 12.1 "LCD screen in pipeline inspection system





Industry: Drainage detection system
Product: drainage pipe TV detection system
Technical parameter
Control Cable retraction and release; The intensity of light is strong or weak; Camera rotation, return, focusing, zoom, etc
Display 12.1-inch industrial high brightness LCD, full Chinese menu, real-time display of time, travel distance, slope, pressure indication, rollover danger and other information, and the display status of these information can be set through the function keys
Input device External keyboard, convenient for information entry
storage 120g solid state hard disk memory, 2 USB interfaces
Chassis Imported engineering case, suitable for field operation
Power Supply AC220V power supply

LCD screen model: g121xn01 v0
Customer LCD selection requirements: good stability, long-term supply, reliable quality
Customer selection: g121xn01 v0
We recommend g121xn01 v0
Advantages and disadvantages: g121xn01 V0 LCD screen selection started, product stable supply, has been three years, industrial screen product life cycle is at least 3-5 years, customer product stability, continuous supply, structure, program does not need to change. The unit price is relatively high, because it's a brand new LCD screen originally made in Taiwan

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