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After-sales Commitment

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  Technical support: customers recommend the most preferred solution for new and old projects, provide product technical documents, datesheet, LCD knowledge and various LCD related issues.

  (1) Pre sales support

  Product selection: fully understand the customer's needs and use environment, help customers choose the most suitable matching scheme

  Data supply: provide customers with corresponding technical data (such as product manual, instruction manual, etc.) according to different product types.

  Product testing: before delivery, carry out quality testing on the products to ensure that the products meet the testing standards.

  Customized service: according to customer needs, recommend the best cost-effective liquid crystal display driver scheme for terminal device display and touch control

  (2) After sales service

  The warranty period of all products purchased by our company is one year, and the warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase and shipment. We will do our best to ensure that all products sold meet the quality inspection requirements.

  If the product fails during use, we will provide you with the following services:

  Due to the quality problems of the products, our company will provide free maintenance service and replace new products if necessary.

  If the product is damaged due to improper use by users (such as static electricity, improper welding and wiring, over-current and over-voltage use), our company will try our best to repair it; however, we will charge the corresponding maintenance cost or the cost of replacing components as appropriate. If the cost product cannot work normally due to the physical damage of LCD screen, the product can only be scrapped.

  When the product purchased by our company needs to be repaired, please describe the fault phenomenon of the product in detail, so that our technical personnel can judge the cause of the fault and provide better maintenance service for you.

  (3) Handling of transportation damage

  In order to ensure that the goods you received are in good condition, when you receive the goods, please open the box with the carrier face to face for acceptance, and sign for the goods after confirming that the products are free from damage and missing during transportation.

  If there is any damage or missing in transportation, please do not sign for the goods, keep the goods, packing materials and accessories intact, and contact our company immediately. On the day of receiving the goods, if the demander has no objection to the received products, it will be deemed that the acceptance has passed, and our company will not be responsible for the damage (unless otherwise agreed in the contract).

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  Tips: our company's working days are holidays according to the national regulations, and the normal working hours are 8.30-17.30. If you have any questions on holidays, please call our mobile phone hotline or send an email.

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