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Introduction of wide view of industrial LCD screen


 According to the application environment of the product, the perspective selection of the industrial LCD screen is also different. For example, in our common bank ATM machine, window business machine, and in the environment where confidential operation is required on different occasions, the LCD screen should choose as narrow a perspective as possible. For example, for products that can be seen everywhere outdoors and indoors to play advertisements, the LCD screen selection will require a wide perspective. Today, let's talk about the perspective of industrial LCD screen

  Liquid crystal panel is the most important part of liquid crystal display, its quality directly affects the performance of liquid crystal display, and liquid crystal display as a downstream industry of liquid crystal panel is directly affected by its price and market. The price of a monitor is mainly concentrated on the panel. Generally speaking, the panel is the soul of LCD. At present, the mainstream panel types on the market are as follows:
TN, MVA, PVA, IPS and pls.

 Luminous principle of different panels

TN panel should be regarded as the elder level, which is one of the earlier panel technologies. It has the advantages of low cost, fast response, small viewing angle, poor image quality and serious color distortion. TN panel is widely used in low-cost entry-level display, but with the popularity of wide view panel, TN panel has no competitive advantage.
VA panel is a kind of wide view panel, which is mainly used in high-end LCD. Wide view panel enables users to view the screen from any angle without image distortion and color drift. Fujitsu's MVA technology is the first wide view LCD panel technology, while Samsung's PVA panel is inherited and developed on the basis of MVA.
LCD panel determines the quality of LCD
IPS panel, also known as wide view panel, has 178 viewing angles °, It is a panel technology introduced by Hitachi and is mainly produced by LG at present. Compared with other panel technologies, IPS panel has high visual angle, fast response speed, accurate color restoration, more delicate display and high dynamic display quality. Therefore, once promoted, it has been widely praised by manufacturers and consumers, and has become the synonym of high-end products.

 IPS panel is the most widely used panel for wide view screen

It can be said that the industrial LCD panel directly determines the quality of LCD. The price of LCD with different panels also varies greatly. When consumers choose the display, they still have to decide according to their own needs. However, no matter what the purpose of the display is, the wide view panel is the basis of choice, and the wide view has become a necessity for users to entertainment.

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