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Vehicle LCD selection skills


The LCD screen is widely used in vehicle. In general, the LCD screen is divided into vehicle front and back mounted. So how to choose the LCD screen on board at ordinary times? Here is a detailed introduction:
1: The size of LCD screen on board: it is necessary to select according to the size and space of the vehicle and its positioning.
2: Selection of installation mode of on-board LCD:
A. Long distance passenger transport is usually a manual turnover of some products, which, there are also the front and back flip, luxury buses are generally used for electric flip products, which will appear the whole car interior decoration luxury and high-grade.
B. The bus interior should be fixed installation mode. When the LCD TV is installed, passengers can not fold or flip LCD TV at will, so the TV will always be in a display state.
C. Ordinary home car use screen more place, specifically to see your entire structure!
3. TV voltage selection: generally, gasoline engine models are 12V voltage, diesel engine models are generally 24V. When selecting voltage, it is necessary to select according to the specific voltage bearing capacity of LCD TV. Generally, the general saying of 12V and 24V is not the same, and it is easy to fail. Now, the LCD TV produced by the normal manufacturers is 12V and 24V voltage.
4. On the selectivity of LCD on the car: everyone should like the new LCD TV, but there are many TV renovations in the market, which disturbs the competition of the whole market and confuses the choice of some consumers. Generally, the price of the second-hand TV renovated in the market is very low, and the quality of the products is not guaranteed, so we should have the ability to distinguish the old renovated TV.
A. The main sizes of the mainstream LCD screens in the market are: 7 ", 8.4", 5.6 ", 15" (4:3), 17 "(4:3), 19" (16:9 wide screen). If there are other sizes and the price is particularly low, you need to pay attention to the quality of the screen.
B. When the brightness of the screen is too low or high, special attention should be paid to it. So far, the brightness of 15 inch is generally between 250-400, 17 inch is generally between 250-500 and 19 inch is generally between 300-550. If it is too low, it must be an old screen, if it is too high, it may be a refurbished screen. At present, it is no secret that the old screen and the lamp tube are added. For those old screens that have been modified, some monochromatic images can be played out, and the phenomenon of light leakage can be seen.
C. The interface of the screen, if the LCD screen is still analog, it is unnecessary to select it. LVDS digital interface has been the mainstream interface three years ago.
5. Selection of reverse screen: because of the limitation of environmental conditions, the on-board LCD has special design requirements for the lower view. Therefore, manufacturers have designed a reverse screen technology. How to judge whether the LCD can be inverted or not, only its products need to be lit, and then the up and down comparison can be distinguished.
6. Explosion proof treatment: the LCD screen on board needs to be used in public. So it is necessary to protect it well and be first in safety. Therefore, we must choose the explosion-proof treatment when we choose, especially on buses and passenger cars. The crowd is relatively centralized. For safety, it is necessary to select the explosion-proof treatment.
The above is the selection direction of LCD screen.

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