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Introduction of LCD touch screen fitting operation process


Many industrial LCD screens are simple displays without touch technology. However, with the development of social applications, many machines and equipment can no longer meet the needs of the market. Human computer interaction is becoming more and more common. In order to achieve human-computer interaction, the surface of LCD screen needs to fit the touch panel, such as resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, capacitive touch screen Infrared touch screen, etc. All LCD screens that need to be equipped with touch screen need to be applied to fit technology. Now let's introduce it
Bonding process of LCD module:
Lamination preloading
LCD production process
Production preparation:
Use alcohol and dust-free paper to clean the whole table and the working area thoroughly, prepare the masking tape for sticking impurities, and transport the dusted and pre baked glass to the special table for bonding.
Frame point glass inspection:
The framing staff takes out the first piece of glass from the basket, looks at the model clearly, holds up the glass with the left hand, blows the impurities and dirt on the surface of the glass with the air gun with the right hand, and then clamps the glass with both hands and puts it on the side table to check whether it is clean. If there are impurities, repeat the operation.
The framing staff takes out the first piece of glass from the basket, looks at the model clearly, and puts the glass on the table to check whether there are impurities and dusting. If impurities are found, use the finger to flick the back of the glass gently. If there are impurities that can't be bounced off, use the Meiwen glue. Pay attention to the method of sticking impurities, and use the side of adhesive tape to adhere gently. If there are too many impurities and uneven powder spraying, the glass shall be reworked.
After the frame points pass the inspection, align the model with each other, put the glass frame face up on the table, silver point face down, and clamp the glass edge with thumb and index finger. When fitting, see the sealing direction and glass corner clearly. After seeing the alignment "⊙", gently press the "⊙" with hands to check whether it matches. If there is any abnormality, move it in the corresponding direction with hands.
When laminating, see the model of each piece clearly, check whether there are misprints and other bad items, and use a dust-free cloth to clean the tabletop in time.
Check the assembled glass thoroughly and fine tune it to make its position more accurate, then place it on the preloading frame horizontally, put the assembled glass flat end in the transfer box, and flow into the press baking
End of production
Each model of matched glass shall be pasted in time, and the unmatched glass shall be fed back to the team leader in time. The team leader shall deal with it according to the relevant procedures. After pasting, the table and tools shall be cleaned and put in order.
Precautions for LCD operation:
1. It is strictly forbidden to extract glass from the middle of the basket or with one hand to avoid scratching the PI layer.
2. When pasting the glass, you must see the glass model clearly.
3. It is strictly forbidden to pre dry the hot glass for lamination, so as to avoid displacement.
Clean the desk every 2 hours.
The thumb is not allowed to bend when extracting the glass, and the air gun is not allowed to touch the front.
6. It is required that both hands should be forced evenly and the alignment accuracy should be ensured. It is strictly forbidden to hit with one finger when pressing the glass, so as to avoid staggering the current image after the lamination. The glass must be stored neatly and no more than 20 pairs are allowed
7 LCD screen operation with finger cover and mask.
8. LCD screen exception handling
9. LCD data recording
10. Safety
The general work of the industrial LCD touch screen is also introduced above.

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