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Summary of new products of AUO Youda Industrial LCD Q3 in 2019


The Q3 quarter of 2019 is over half, we Youda GD Roadmap_ Lcm-2019 Q3 has been received for a long time, and the plan to update the new products of Youda Industrial LCD screen has not been made up for you today
New Model
Model Luminance Viewing Angle Operating Temperature
Interface Type
MP Schedule
G055HAN01.0 500nits 178/178 -20~70°C Mipi 2019/Q4
G070VAN01.0 400nits 178/178 -30~80°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G080UAN01.2 800nits 178/178 0~50°C Mipi 2019/Q4
G101EAN01.0 350nits 178/178 0~50°C Mipi 2019/Aug
G101EAN02.1 400nits 178/178 -20~60°C LVDS 2019/Aug
G101EAN02.2 500nits 178/178 -20~70°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G101EAN02.4 400nits 178/178 0~60°C Edp 2020/Q2
G116HAN01.0 300nits 178/178 0~50°C Edp 2019/Q4
G121EAN01.4 300nits 178/178 -30~85°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G150XTN06.B 800nits 160/150 -30~70°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G150XAN01.1 500nits 178/178 -20~70°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G150XAN02.0 500nits 178/178 -30~85°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G150XAN02.1 800nits 178/178 -30~75°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G150XAN03.0 400nits 178/178 -20~70°C eDP 2019/Q4
G150XAB03.0 400nits 178/178 -20~70°C eDP 2019/Q4
G154EVN01.0 400nits 178/178 -10~70°C LVDS 2019/Q3
G156XTN01.2 400nits 170/150 -30~85°C eDP 2020/Q4
G156HAN04.0 1500nits 178/178 -30~70°C LVDS 2020/Q4
G156HAB02.4 400nits 178/178 0~50°C eDP 2019/Q4
G170ETN03.1 400nits 170/160 0~50°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G170HAN01.0 450nits 178/178 -20~60°C eDP 2019/Q4
G190ETN01.8 800nits 170/160 -30~70°C LVDS 2019/Aug
G229HAF02.0 700nits 178/178 0~50°C Android 2019/Aug
G238HAN01.3 625nits 178/178 0~50°C LVDS 2019/Q3
G270HAN01.2 400nits 178/178 0~50°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G270QAN01.0 350nits 178/178 0~50°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G270QAN02.0 350nits 178/178 0~50°C LVDS 2019/Q4
G270ZAN01.3 350nits 178/178 0~50°C eDP 2019/Q4
G270ZAN01.5 400nits 178/178 0~50°C eDP 2019/Q4
The above table shows that these models are the industrial LCD products that Youda plans to mass produce in Q3 of 2019, and some of them are expected to be produced in Q4. Many of these industrial LCD screens have the characteristics of full view. About the detailed specifications of these Youda Industrial LCD screens, friends in need can ask our customer service online.

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