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What is industrial display?


Display can be divided into several categories from design and material: industrial display, civil display, commercial display. What are the differences between industrial display and civil display and commercial display. Today, we will say what is industrial display?
Industrial display is the display used in industrial control process or equipment. The main difference between it and the display of civil or commercial is that the shell design generally adopts the full steel design, the panel is divided into ordinary iron plate, stainless steel, aluminum panel and other different materials. The special design of dust prevention and shock proof is adopted. Industrial grade LCD is adopted. In case of high environmental requirements, wide temperature (-40-85 degree) LCD is considered, At present, only a few large foreign factories produce such displays, which are expensive. The protection level of industrial display is indicated by IP * *, the former is dust-proof grade and the latter is waterproof grade. The dust proof grade is 6 and the waterproof is 8.

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