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Which is better, AUO Or BOE?


  AUO and BOE are both leading LCD technology companies in the world. They have their own unique technical advantages and product characteristics, so it is difficult to simply answer which one is better. The following are some main characteristics of the two companies, which I hope can help you make better decisions:


  It has the world's largest sixth generation LCD panel production line;

  It has a wide range of product lines in LCD panel, OLED, Mini LED, capacitive touch screen and other fields;

  It has a strong market share in the field of vehicle display and smart home;

  It has expanded its business scope through mergers and acquisitions and strategic cooperation.


  It ranks first in the global LCD market and is the first company in the world to produce the 10th generation LCD panel;

  It has a wide range of product lines in OLED, Micro LED and other fields;

  It has a leading position in display technology innovation;

  Through cooperation and investment, the market share of smart phones, televisions and other products continues to grow.

  In general, AUO and BOE are both enterprises with high strength and have their own advantages in different fields. Which company is better to choose depends on the product type and application scenario you need.

AUO LCD:http://www.hzxuhonglcd.com/tft_lcd/auo/

BOE LCD:http://www.hzxuhonglcd.com/tft_lcd/boe/

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