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What are the resolutions of 18.5-inch LCD screen?


  18.5-inch LCD screen usually has the following resolutions:

  1366 x 768: This is one of the most common resolutions, and also the standard resolution of the entry-level LCD screen.

  1280 x 1024: This is a common resolution, suitable for some business or office applications.

  1920 x 1080: This is a high-definition resolution, also known as 1080p resolution, which is suitable for watching high-definition video or playing games and other applications.

  1600 x 900: This is a resolution between standard resolution and HD resolution, suitable for some light entertainment and office applications.

  It should be noted that the resolution of the LCD screen not only affects the image quality, but also affects the price and performance of the display. Therefore, when purchasing a LCD screen, it is recommended to select the appropriate resolution according to your own needs.

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