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How to solve the CTP touch screen power interference?


  The CTP touch screen may be interfered by the power supply when it is working, which may cause the touch screen to not work normally or cause problems such as wrong touch. Here are some possible solutions:

  Ensure the correctness of the power line: the touch screen needs a stable power supply, so it should be ensured that the power line is connected correctly and there is no damage to the power line. In addition, the power line should be far away from other high-power equipment, such as motors, frequency converters, etc., to avoid electromagnetic interference.

  Use anti-interference power supply: Anti-interference power supply can be used to provide stable power supply and prevent external power interference from affecting the operation of touch screen. Anti-interference power supply usually uses special filters and suppression circuits to reduce power noise and electromagnetic interference.

  Add shielding materials: shielding materials, such as aluminum foil or electromagnetic wave shielding materials, can be added between the touch screen and other devices to prevent electromagnetic waves from interfering with the normal operation of the touch screen.

  Modify software: In terms of software, you can try to modify the driver of touch screen controller and add some anti-interference code to deal with power interference and other problems.

  Use of capacitive touch screen: Compared with resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen has stronger anti-interference ability, because it detects touch signal by sensing the object being touched, and it does not need to be triggered by physical pressure, and is not easily affected by external physical force.

  In short, to solve the problem of CTP touch screen power interference, a series of measures should be taken, starting from hardware, software and materials, to improve the stability and anti-interference ability of the touch screen.



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