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Why is lcd screen aging?


  LCD (liquid crystal display) may have color distortion, image blur and other problems after a long time of use, which is caused by the aging of the internal materials of LCD screen. Therefore, in order to prolong the life of LCD display and ensure its display effect, aging treatment is very necessary.

  Aging treatment usually simulates the effect of long-term use by running the LCD display continuously for a long time to accelerate the aging process inside the display. During the aging process, you can check the color, contrast, brightness, resolution and other indicators of the display to determine whether the display can be used normally. If the display effect is significantly reduced during aging, it is necessary to replace the display in time.

  Aging treatment has the following advantages:

  The problem of aging of internal materials of LCD screen can be found as early as possible, so as to replace it in time.

  It can ensure that the LCD monitor can still maintain high quality display effect after a long time of use.

  It can ensure that LCD monitors can reach certain quality standards before leaving the factory and improve user satisfaction.

  In short, LCD display aging treatment can effectively prolong its service life and ensure display effect, which is very important for manufacturers and users.


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