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What are the causes of white spots on LCD screen lighting?


There are white spots on the LCD screen when it is lit, as shown in the figure below. The new Longteng 12.1 inch LCD screen purchased by the customer has not yet been installed, and the lighting effect shows several white spots. What are the common reasons for causing white spots on the LCD screen.

    The white spots on the LCD screen may be caused by the following reasons:

  Pixel failure: The LCD screen consists of many small pixels. If one of the pixels fails, a white spot may form. This failure may be caused by defects in the manufacturing process, physical damage, or long-term use.

  Pressure damage: If the LCD screen is subjected to excessive pressure, such as during transportation or installation, it may cause the polarizer of the light guide material inside the screen to be squeezed, causing damage to the pressure structure, and forming white spots.

  Overheating: If the LCD screen overheats, it may cause damage to the material therein, resulting in white spots. This situation usually occurs when using for a long time or using excessive brightness. During the high and low temperature test, the temperature is too high or too low, exceeding the working temperature specified in the specification.

  LCD screen aging: Over time, the LCD screen may become aging, with white spots or other faults. This situation may be caused by excessive screen usage or prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

  If white spots appear on your LCD screen, it is recommended to immediately contact the manufacturer or technical support personnel for further assistance.


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