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Is there a USB interface for the tft LCD display screen?


  There are many different parameter specifications for tft displays, as they are suitable for different industry fields. Therefore, there are many different specifications of products in different sizes, such as resolution, interface, brightness, visual angle, and other parameters. Today, I encountered a customer who asked if the tft display screen has a USB interface? Today, let's give everyone a science popularization.

  To clarify the issue of whether a tft display screen has a USB interface, first we need to know which interfaces tft displays have. Our common tft display screen interfaces include TTL, RGB, MCU, LVDS, MIPI, etc. Basically, these interfaces mentioned by the editor are the most common ones for tft displays at present.

  And these interfaces have a clear division of labor, with TTL, RGB, and MCU commonly used in small or medium size tft displays with lower resolution. The MIPI interface is generally used in vertical high-definition tft displays, such as 720 * 12801200 * 19201080 * 1920. The resolution of these tft displays is almost all using the MIP interface. The LVDS interface is commonly used for high-definition horizontal screens, such as 1024 * 6001280 * 800, and other resolutions.

  Is that because the tft display screen doesn't have a USB interface? In fact, the USB interface we commonly use is in touch screen interfaces. The tft display screen is usually paired with a touch screen, and after fitting, it becomes a display touch integrated product, which is commonly referred to as a display touch assembly. The common interfaces for touch screens are I2C and USB, so the USB interface is used in touch screens.

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