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What do you need to pay attention to when using industrial LCD screen?


Every industrial LCD screen will have a protective film. It is recommended to stick the protective film when it is not used, and then remove it when it is used. This can effectively protect the chemical coating on the outer layer of the screen, so that the outermost coating will not be oxidized prematurely. Don't touch the industrial LCD screen with your hands or hard objects. If you don't pay attention to it often, scars such as white marks will appear on the industrial LCD screen for a long time. A layer of tissue paper is usually included in the packaging of the new machine. This layer of tissue paper can also be placed between the screen and keyboard of the notebook computer, so as to reduce the wear between the screen and the health cap. If the laptop uses the pointer, it is recommended that the cap of the pointer can be removed and stored separately when carrying the laptop out for a long distance, so as to avoid the screen from being damaged.
Moisture can be said to be the "natural enemy" of the industrial LCD screen. In addition to avoiding drinking drinks and eating fruits at the edge of the industrial LCD screen, we should also pay attention not to store the machine in a wet place. Serious moisture will damage the internal components of the LCD screen. It is particularly noteworthy that in winter and summer, when entering and leaving a room with heating or air conditioning, the large temperature difference will also lead to "condensation phenomenon". At this time, the user's power on to the LCD may also lead to the corrosion of the LCD electrode, causing permanent damage. Therefore, we also suggest that your ambient temperature should not change more than 10 ℃ / 10min. Once there is water on the screen, if there is mist on the surface of the screen before starting the machine, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth and start the machine again. If the water has entered the LCD, the LCD should be placed in a warmer place, such as under a desk lamp, to gradually evaporate the water inside. In the rainy season, we should also pay attention to the regular operation of the industrial LCD screen for a period of time, so as to heat the components to disperse the moisture. It is better to put a small bag of moisture-proof agent in the bag of the industrial LCD screen, so as to create a good environment for the industrial LCD screen.

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