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G070Y2-L01 discontinued compatible alternative LCD screen solution


  The production of the G070Y2-L01 Group Chuangqimei 7-inch industrial LCD screen has been discontinued. As an industrial LCD screen that has been produced for more than 10 years, many industrial instruments, medical, military, automotive, and other customer products are still using the G070Y2-L01. What if the project still uses the G070Y2-L01 liquid crystal screen?

  1. It is possible for various mass creation agents and traders in the market to ask if there is any surplus stock (many businesses will also sit down and start pricing for the final stock). Disadvantages: High prices, even after using up a batch, there is no guarantee of supply for the late project G070Y2-L01. 2. Look for a used G070Y2-L01 LCD screen that has been disassembled. "There is no guarantee of supply quality or supply, and it may not be available if it is used up.". 3. Find a compatible alternative to the G070Y2-L01 LCD screen. Currently, there is an alternative solution for group creation of 7-inch G070ACE-L 01.

  G070Y2-L01 is an ultra-wide temperature LCD screen with storage temperature of - 40-90 ° C, operating temperature of - 30-85 ° C, and excellent performance such as seismic resistance, which is widely trusted by customers. When it was discontinued, the G070ACE-L01 launched by Qunzhuang Optoelectronics also has good parameter requirements, LVDS interface, and most customers can directly use it. It also has a storage temperature of - 40-90 ° C, and a working temperature of - 30-85 ° C. The display area is the same, and its perspective is better, Full view (89/89/89/89).

  Many industrial, military, and automotive customers have high requirements for their temperature when choosing 7-inch LCD screens. With the shutdown of Mitsubishi and other production lines, there are fewer and fewer LCD screens with a direct operating temperature of - 40-90. However, the parameters of G070ACE-L01 are relatively close, and can be used in wide-temperature products

  Compare the parameter dimensions of G070Y2-L01 and G070ACE-L01 as follows:

  G070Y2-L01 Resolution: 800 * 480, AA area 152.4 (W) × 91.44 (H) mm, external dimension 165 (W) × 104(H) × 9.83 (D) mm, working temperature: - 30~85 ° C; Storage temperature: - 40~95 ° C; Luminance 500 cd/m ² (Typ.), viewing angle 70/70/60/60 (Typ.) (CR ≥ 10).

  Qunzhuang Qimei G070ACE-L01 can be replaced, with a resolution of 800 * 480, and an AA area of 152.4 (W) × 91.44 (H) mm, appearance dimension 170 (W) × 110(H) × 8.85 (D) mm, same size, working temperature: - 30~85 ° C; Storage temperature: - 40~90 ° C, brightness 500 cd/m ² (Typ.), viewing angle 89/89/89/89 (Typ.) (CR ≥ 10).

  G070Y2-L01 and G070ACE-L01 are identical in size and are both LVDS interfaces that can be fully compatible for alternative use and can be used in industries such as industry and instrumentation. Currently, G070ACE-L01 has been mass produced, and samples and batches are available in stock. G070ACE-L01 can achieve long-term stable mass production in the later stage, supporting continuous ordering, and the price of the G070ACE-L01 LCD screen is cheaper. If the project continues to mass produce and requires LCD screen stability in the future, it is recommended to choose option 3 and replace it with G070ACE-L01.


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