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LCD Screen Connection Methods


  There are usually two methods of LCD screen connection:

  Solution 1: Connection through the FPC of LCD screen. We plug it directly into a connector that matches the FPC.

  Solution 2: One signal connector is set on the back of LCD module, we connect it to the motherboard through one FPC, one FFC or other cables as the signal transmission medium.

  These two connection methods have each characteristic.

  Solution 1 will make your product structure more compact, it is suitable for handheld products, and the cost is much lower.

  Solution 2 is suitable for these display products with loose installation of the motherboard and the LCD screen. A reliable cable is necessary to transfer data to the display screen over a long distance, for products with vibration requirements, it will be more reliable. of course, the cost in this way will be higher.

  We have proven technical solutions for these two connection methods.

  FPC connection: we can customize FPC board with different shapes and sizes according to customer requirements, as well as different PIN definitions and different pin pitches to meet customer various demands for structures and interfaces. In addition, the electromagnetic shielding film is used to make FPC to achieve better EMI anti-interference performance. At the same time, we can add some anti-interference circuits and filter circuits on PFC, optimizing layout and matching resistance values to meet the different requirements of different application for electromagnetic tolerance, so that your products have more advantages on performance and quality.

  Cable connection: we can customize cables with different lengths, different materials, and with different connectors to meet the various interfaces. In addition, if there are requirements in signal processing, we can improve it by adding shielding layer, electromagnetic ring, ground wire. We have the corresponding solutions and rich experience, fast response and reliable support.

  For the two connection methods of LCD screen, we hope it will be helpful to you. Welcome to consult us if any question.


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