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How to deal with LCD touch screen malfunction and unresponsive touch


  [Fault phenomenon]

  One LCD touch screen cannot work, and there is no response when touching any part.

  [Fault analysis and handling]

  Firstly, check if each wiring interface is loose, and then check if there are any conflicts between the serial port and interrupt number. If there are conflicts, adjust resources to avoid them. Check again if there are any cracks on the surface of the touch screen, and replace them promptly if there are any cracks. It is also necessary to check if there is any dirt on the surface of the touch screen. If there is, use a soft cloth to remove it. Observe and check if the indicator light on the control box is working properly. When it is normal, the indicator light is green and flashing.

  If all the above parts are normal, the replacement method can be used to check the touch screen. First, replace the control box, then replace the touch screen, and finally replace the host.

  If it is a surface acoustic wave touch screen, the following maintenance can be carried out:

  If it is a resistive touch screen, the following maintenance can be carried out:

  1) Check if the connection of the touch screen is correct, and if one of the connections to the host keyboard port (taking a 5V touch screen working voltage from the keyboard port) is connected, please check the connection.

  2) Observe the condition of the touch screen control box light. If it is not on or the red light is on, it indicates that the control box is damaged and needs to be replaced.

  3) If it is confirmed that the above situation is not the case, please delete the touch screen driver and restart the computer to reinstall the driver, or replace it with a newer version of the driver.

  4) Check if there are any devices in the host that conflict with serial port resources, and adjust the hardware devices accordingly. For example, some network cards have a default IRQ of 3 after installation, which conflicts with the IRQ of COM2. In this case, the IRQ of the network card should be changed to an idle and unused IRQ. It may be that the computer motherboard and touch screen control box are incompatible. Please replace the motherboard or motherboard.

  5) If the touch screen is found to have some areas that cannot be touched after being used for a long period of time (3-4 years), it may be that the touch screen is damaged and needs to be replaced.

  If it is a capacitive touch screen, the following maintenance can be carried out:

  LCD touch screen has a long response time

  [Fault phenomenon]

  A touch screen that takes a long time to react after touching the display screen with your fingers.

  [Fault analysis and handling]

  This may be due to moving water droplets sticking to the touch screen, just wipe it with a dry soft cloth. It is also possible that the host level is too low, such as a low clock frequency. If this is the case, it is best to replace the host.

  Local unresponsiveness of LCD touch screen

  [Fault phenomenon]

  A touch screen, when touching the display screen with fingers, shows no response in some areas.

  [Fault analysis and handling]

  This may be due to partial coverage of the touch screen reflection stripes, which can be wiped clean with a dry soft cloth. It is also possible that the reflection stripes on the touch screen have been partially scraped off by hard objects, which will not be able to be repaired.

  The LCD touch screen is normal but the computer cannot operate.

  [Fault phenomenon]

  A touch screen has been tested to be functioning normally, but after connecting to the host, the computer cannot operate.

  [Fault analysis and handling]

  This may be because before the host starts loading the touch screen driver program, the touch screen control card receives an operation signal and only needs to be restarted

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