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G156BGE-L03 production suspension compatible alternative


  G156BGE-L03 has been discontinued in September 2022. What should we do if the project still uses G156BGE-L03 LCD screen?

  1. You can ask the traders of various mass creation agents in the market if there is any surplus stock (many merchants will also start from the ground for the final stock). Disadvantages: high price, even after using up a batch, the supply of G156BGE-L03 is not guaranteed.

  2. Find and disassemble the used G156BGE-L03 LCD screen. The quality and supply of goods are not guaranteed, and may not be used up.

  3. Find a compatible alternative to G156BGE-L03 LCD screen. At present, the alternative solution is AUO 15.6-inch G156XW01 V3.

  Compare G156BGE-L03 and G156XW01 V3 parameter dimensions as follows:

  G156BGE-L03 resolution: 1366 * 768, AA area 344.232 (W) * 193.536 (H) mm, appearance size 363.8 (W) * 215.98 (H) * 9.8 (D) mm, storage temperature: - 20~60 ° C working temperature: - 10~60 ° C, brightness 500 cd/m ² (Typ.), angle of view 80/80/80/80 (Typ.) (CR ≥ 10).

  AUO G156XW01 V3 can be replaced, with resolution of 1366 * 768, AA area 344.232 (W) * 193.536 (H) mm, appearance size of 363.8 (W) * 215.9 (H) * 9.8 (D) mm, the same size, working temperature of 0~60 ° C; Storage: - 20~60 ° C, brightness 400 cd/m ² (Typ.), viewing angle 85/85/80/80 (Typ.) (CR ≥ 10).

  G156BGE-L03 and G156XW01 V3 are of the same size and are both LVDS interfaces, which can be fully compatible and can be used in industry, instrument and other industries.

  At present, AUO G156XW01 V3 is in the middle of mass production, and can be produced in a long-term and stable manner in the later stage. It supports continuous ordering, and the prices of the two LCD screens are similar.

  If the project continues to mass produce and requires the stability of the LCD screen, it is recommended to choose option 3 and replace it with G156XW01 V3.

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