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  • GP-190F-5M-NB06B
  • Model:GP-190F-5M-NB06B
  • Brand:gtouch
  • Aximum:5-wire resistive touch screen
  • Size:19 inches
  • Maximum resolution supported:
  • Interface signal:ur / LR / SG / UL / ll
  • LCDinterface:
  • Operating temperature: - 10 ~ 70 ° C
  • Current production status:
  • Technical Parameters
  • 1、GP-190F-5M-NB06B Brief introduction of five wire resistive touch screen products:
    This specification is applicable to five wire analog resistive touch screen
    1. Even if the surface is scratched and damaged, if the ITO glass is not damaged. Still working normally;
    2. High temperature manufacturing process at 500 ℃;
    3. The warranty period is 2 years of normal operation and the number of contacts is 10000000;
    4. Provide high transparency touch screen (more than 80%), even low brightness display is very clear;
    5. It can be customized in various sizes from 5 to 26 inches according to customers' requirements.
    6. It is designed to be activated by pressure from a finger or stylus.
    7. It's easy to install on different brands of monitors.
    2、GP-190F-5M-NB06B Characteristic
    Type Five wire analog resistance type
    Operation mode Brush or hand touch
    Links FFC 
    3、GP-190F-5M-NB06B General specifications
    Frame size 393.4 * 316.65mm
    Viewable area 380.90*305.65mm
    Action area 337.3 * 302.5mm
    Total thickness 2.2mm
    Length of outgoing line 305mm
    4、GP-190F-5M-NB06B Environmental characteristics
    Operating temperature -10°C ~ +70°C
    Storage temperature -40°C ~ +80°C
    Operating humidity 20%RH ~85%RH 
    Storage humidity 10%RH ~ 90%RH 
    Note: the above environment is atmospheric pressure
    5、GP-190F-5M-NB06B Optical characteristics
    Light transmittance

    ≧80% ± 3% (Measured by BYK-Gardner) 

    Haze degree

    Antiglare Finish≦10% ± 3% 

    6、GP-190F-5M-NB06B Electronic characteristics
    Loop impedance X:20~500Ω, Y:20~500Ω 
    Linear X≦1.5%, Y≦1.5% 
    Actuation time ≦15ms 
    Insulation impedance ≧20MΩ/25V(DC) 
    Withstand voltage Dc50v / 60s no action damage





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