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G121EAN01.0 AUO 12.1-inch LCD screen changed in early 2024 G121EAN01.001


  1、 Purpose

  Due to product strategy consideration, G121EAN01.0 will launch a new cell glass and related EE parts components for better allocation.


  - From G3.5 change to G5 FAB

  - Gate IC: from Novatek (AU65208H) to Radium (RM76870)

  - New PCBA layout to accommodate new Gate IC

  3、 Desired Implementation Method & Date

  2024/01/19 ; RUNNING CHANGE ;

  4、 Attachment

  EC Notice of Cell FAB Change to G5

  1、Purpose:In order to increase production capacity allocation,need to verify another cell Fab for better allocation。

  2、Change Items

  -From G3.5 change to G5 FAB

  -Gate IC: from Novate(AU65208H) to Radium(RM76870)

  -New PCBA layout to accommodate new Gate IC

  3、Verification schedule:

  a.RA300hr/EMI/EMC/optical test would be ready on the end of July。

  b.Sample would be available around by the early of June。

  G121EAN01.000 VS G121EAN01.001

  G121EAN01.001 has the comparable/key specs as G121EAN01.000,only cell FAB change to G5.

(Preliminary)Spec.G121EAN01.000(Before EC)G121EAN01.001(After EC)
Outline Dimensions (mm)278.0 x 184.0
Thickness (mm)9.29
Active Area (mm)261.12(H)x163.2(V)
Resolution (Pixel)1280 RGB(H)×800(V)
Display ModeAHVA
Contrast Ratio800:1 (Min.)
Response Time (typ.)25 ms
Viewing Angle_ CR>10 (typ., H/ V)89 / 89 / 89 / 89
LED Life Time70K
Support Color16.2M (8bit) / 262K (6bit)
Color Gamut (typ.)72%
W(x, y) (typ.)(0.313 , 0.329)
Power Consumption6.06W
Power Supply Voltage (typ.)12V
Operation Temp. (℃)-30 ~ 85 ℃
Storage Temp. (℃)-30 ~ 85 ℃
Remark-----New PCBA due to gate IC quantity is changing from 2pcs to 1 pcs after EC.


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