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G190ETN01.600 AUO19 inch LCD screen change G190ETN01.601


  G190ETN01.600 has been discontinued in the fourth quarter of 2022 as a screen that has been in production for 8 years and is used in various industries

  It is widely used in industries such as medicine, military, outdoor, etc. When it is discontinued, G190RTN01.601 can be used to replace G190ETN01.600,

  What are the changes to G190ETN01.601

  G190ETN01.600 Change: The main change to G190ETN01.601 is TCON ASIC (MCC12201 3KG → RAD 12303

  9Z0), S-IC (RAD 7103 → NT 65706H), LED IC (NT 50172 → NT 505088), L/B (PT40Z13

  V0/64PCS * 2 → PT40Z06R V0/60PCS * 2), BLU Current (90ma → 75ma), Power Consumption (50W

  Typ → 45Wtyp), display area, visible area remains unchanged, appearance length and width remain unchanged, rear degree changed from 26.69mm to 15.3mm, backlight

  The built-in constant current source reduces the thickness. For specific changes, please ask our company for instructions and specifications.

  G190ETN01.600 (Tcon/LED-IC ) EC


  G190ETN01.600 Megachip Tcon IC and Novatek LED driver IC will be EOL . In order to keep supply smoothly, we would like to add new model(G190ETN01.601) with new Tcon IC(RAD 12303 9Z0) and new LED driver IC (NT 50508B).


  1. G190ETN01.601 power consumption is lower than G190ETN01.600

  2. The LCM spec will be kept the same as the table below.

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