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What is the difference between EDP and LVDS?


We have introduced EDP interface and its features. We all know that EDP and LVDS are video signal interfaces used to connect touch screen or monitor in industrial computer. Difference between EDP interface and LVDS interface in IPC
What is it? What are the differences between EDP and LVDS?

 LVDS interface uses very low voltage swing (about 350mV) to transmit data on two PCBs or a pair of balanced cables through differential, that is, low voltage differential signal transmission. It is a digital video signal transmission mode developed to overcome the disadvantages of high power consumption and EMI when transmitting broadband high bit rate data by TTL level. The LVDS output interface is used in the industrial computer, which can make the signal transmit at the rate of several hundred Mbit / s on the differential PCB line or balanced cable. Because of the low voltage and low current drive mode, the low noise and low power consumption are realized.

EDP interface is a fully digital interface based on DisplayPort architecture and protocol. It can use simpler connectors and fewer pins to transmit high-resolution signals, and can realize simultaneous transmission of multiple data, so the transmission rate is much higher than LVDS.
Comparison of EDP and LVDS



Data & clock line

1-4 pairs of data lines
There is no separate clock line
More data lines
Separate clock line

Bit rate,perpair



Total capacity





Each channel has a separate clock line

Transmission type

Packets of video, audio and other transmission data in extensible formats

Last compressed video signal only

Two way data channel

1Mbps or720Mbps


channel coding


Serialized at 7x pixel clockrate

Content protection




Difference between EDP screen cable and LVDS screen cable
EDP screen line refers to the flat welding line with screen interface of 0.3-0.5 small spacing, which is divided into single channel and double channel. EDP screen wires are generally 2 sets, 3 sets of strands, 5 sets of strands and 8 sets of twisted wires. The common EDP screen wires are two groups of signal wires (stranded wires) and three groups of signal wires.
LVDS screen line is divided into standard definition line and high definition line. The interface of LVDS screen line (high-definition line) is 0.5-row, namely, Jae ferre51p high-definition line. LVDS screen line (standard line) refers to the screen interface with 1.0 spacing and 1.25 spacing, and the terminals are assembled by riveting. Common single eight line, double eight line. Most of single eight lines are fix-30p and df141.25-30p, while most of double eight lines are fix-30pin.

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