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Differences between industrial LCD and commercial LCD and advantages of industri


        With the development of technology, LCD can be seen everywhere in our life and work. We all know that LCD screen is divided into industrial LCD screen and commercial LCD screen, such as some common sizes: 7 inches, 10.1 inches, 15 inches, 15.6 inches, 17 inches, 18.5 inches, etc. Facing the size of both commercial LCD and industrial LCD, how should we choose our products? Now let's talk about the difference between them.
What are the differences between industrial LCD and commercial LCD
1. The price is obviously different. The price of the same size industrial LCD screen will be much higher.
2. Stable production life cycle.
3. Working temperature range difference.
4. Brightness.
5. Backlight life.
6. Thickness.
7. Structure.

The above industrial LCD is different from ordinary LCD. Why is industrial LCD so expensive? Where is its value? The following Hangzhou Xuhong small series to sort out the advantages of industrial LCD screen.

1. Wen Kuan
The general working temperature of commercial LCD is 0-50 ℃, and the general requirement of industrial LCD is - 30-80 ℃.
2. Image definition
The resolution of industrial display screen is automatically adjusted according to the display output (both horizontal and vertical can be supported); Its high reliability and high-definition display ability will ensure that you can record the edited high-definition video, video signal complete display in front of the viewer.
3. Stability of the whole machine (including service time, anti-interference, etc.)
Industrial display screen in the composition of closed-circuit monitoring system, usually need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year continuous uninterrupted power use (and ordinary commercial LCD screen usually only works a few hours a day, such as television), and some display screen application environment may be worse, which requires higher reliability and stability of industrial display screen. The backlight life should be long.
4. Color restoration degree
If the definition is mainly determined by the amplitude frequency characteristics of the video channel, the restoration degree is mainly determined by the phase of the chroma signal and brightness signal of the red (R), green (g) and blue (b) primary colors in the display screen. Because the display screen usually observes a static image, the requirement for the color restoration degree of the display screen is higher than that of the television. Therefore, the video playback channel of the professional display screen should have accurate compensation circuit and delay circuit in the brightness, chroma processing and R, G, B processing, so as to ensure the phase synchronization of the bright / color signal and R, G, B signal.
5. Control interface
Industrial LCD can be controlled by S232 serial

  The above industrial LCD screen and ordinary screen differences, advantages of industrial LCD screen and other related content, I hope to bring you a useful reference.

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