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ADP G121EAN01.1 EC Notice


 G121EAN01.1 EC Notice

Purpose: Due to product strategy consideration, G121EAN01.1 will launch a new cell glass and related EE parts components for better allocation.

Change Items:

- Add new Cell glass

- Gate IC: New PCBA design for Radium (RM76870) to Novatek (AU65208H)

Verification schedule:

a. RA 300hr/EMI /EMC/ optical test would be ready on the end of August.

b. Sample would be available around by the end of July.


ADP G121EAN01.100 vs. G121EAN01.102

1、  One Page Spec

G121EAN01.102 has the comparable/ key specs as G121EAN01.100.

2、  Functional Block Diagram

G121EAN01.102 has the same function block diagram as G121EAN01.100

3、  LCD Signal- Connector

      G121EAN01.102 has the same LVDS Connector type/ PIN definitions as G121EAN01.100. 

1、  Mechanical Front / Rear -View

G121EAN01.102 mechanical is comparable as G121EAN01.100

     G121EAN01.102 has the same mounting hole design as G121EAN01.100

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