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G170EG01 V1 Product End of Life Notice


  1、 Purpose

    G170EG01 V1

  2、 Recommended Replacement Model

  To cope with the continuing market demand for better performance products,AUO Display Plus Corporation is pleased to introduce the advanced replacement models to serve customers.

  To-be EOL Model                        Replacement Model

  G170EG01 V1              →             G170EG01.1

  3、 Planced Schedule

  Official EOL Notice Oct.13,2022

  Last Buy Order Confirmation Apr.13,2023/12/27

  Please kindly reply the LTB(Last-Time-Buy) quantity within 30days after receiving the EOL(End-of-Life) notice,In the case of the absence of LTB confirmation/quantity feedbacks within the period,it will be recognized as there are no requests for LTB whatsoever and EOL procedures will be proceeded accordingly.

  4、 Others

  1、 The original mass-produced model G170EG01 V101 TCON IC uses NVT12201 1VG,NVT proposed to ADP the TCON IC EC requirement,AUO Display Plus(ADP)will replace NVT12201 1VG with Raydium TCON IC 12303 Z09 for this model,EE has confirmed that the existing structure could not find alternative materials,so G170EG01 V104 was developed to replace it。

  2、 And LED driver IC Richtek RT8488 is going to EOL too,ADP will replace LED driver IC RT8488 with NT50508B for this model.

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