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AT070TN94 design change


  AT070TN94 Group Innovation Optoelectronics has changed, as AT070TN94 CELL FAB has been transferred from FabT0 to FAB T1, and LCM production base has been transferred from Nanjing to Ningbo. The design of AT070TN94 has been changed. The specific change notice is as follows:

  Subject of Change

  1. AT070TN94 CELL FAB transfer from FabT0 to FAB T1 and LCM production site change from Nanjing to Ningbo.

  2. Some of vendors will change to local supply chain as below details

  Reason of Change

  In order to company strategy, production factory will transfer from Nanjing to Ningbo.

  Change list :


  Contents of Change

  1、Look difference

  □Yes ■No 2、

  2、Function difference

  □Yes ■No

 Change Control

  1、 Change of Time

  Sample SKD:2023/9~2023/10

  MP SKD:2024/1-2024/3

  2、Product Package

  ■The same box □The different box

  3、Product Spec

  ■No change □Change

    The above is the change content of the 7-inch AT070TN94 from the previous version, which has no difference in appearance and function. It can be directly replaced and used. If customers do not want to use the new version, it is recommended to prepare for stock in the near future. Currently, the market supply of AT070TN94 before the change is sufficient.


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