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  • High Brightness 5.7 inch 320x240 AUO TFT LCD Screen For Outdoor G057QN01 V2 with
  • High Brightness 5.7 inch 320x240 AUO TFT LCD Screen For Outdoor G057QN01 V2 with
  • Model:G057QN01 V2
  • Brand:AUO
  • Size:5.7inch
  • Resolution:320×240
  • Brightness:800 cd/m²
  • Perspective:80/80/70/70 (Typ.)
  • Interface:CMOS
  • Operating Temp.:-30 ~ 85 °C 
  • Production State:In Production
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  • Technical Parameters
  • AUO 5.7inch G057QN01 V2 Application Details

    Basic Detail :ManufacturerAUOModel NameG057VTN01.1
    Panel Typea-Si TFT-LCD , LCMModel AliasG057VTN01 V1
    Panel Size5.7inchDesigned ForIndustrial,Outdoor High Brightness  
    Maximum Ratings :OP Temperature-30~ 85  °C ST Temperature-30 ~ 85  °C 
    RoHSRoHSVibration Level1.5G (14.7 m/s²)
    Features :Wide Temperature,Hight Brightness,Lamp Repaceable, Life>=50K hours,With LED Driver,U/D/L/R Reverse,WLED Backlight,Matte

    AUO 5.7inch G057QN01 V2 Optical Details

    Basic Information :Luminance800 cd/m² Contrast Ratio800:1 (Typ.) (Transmissive)    
    Good View at12 o'clockResponse Speed15/10 (Typ.)(Tr/Td)
    Viewing Angle80/80/70/70 (Typ.)(CR≥10)Operating ModeTN, Normally White, Transmissive
    Color Performance :ChromaticityWx:0.313; Wy:0.329Support Color262K (6-bit)
    Color Temperature6485KWhite Variation1.30 (Max.)(5 points) 
    1931 Color Gamlt :NTSC Ratio49%sRGB69% coverage
    Adobe RGB52% coverageDCI-P351% coverage
    Rec.202037% coverageRemarkssRGB (Rec.709, BT.709), Rec.2020 (BT.2020)
    Dispaly Performance :Outdoor VisibilitySunlight ReadableTransmissivity-

    AUO 5.7inch G057QN01 V2 Mechanical Details

    Pixel Features :Number of Pixel320(RGB)*240, QVGAArrangementRGB Vertical Stripe
    Dot Pitch(W*H)0.120*0.360mmPixel Pitch(W*H)0.360*0.360mm  [70PPI]
    Physical Size :Active Viewing(mm)115.2(H) *86.4(V)Outline Dim.(mm)144(H) *104.6(V)
    Bezel Opening(mm)118.2(H) *89.4(V)Overall Depth(mm)12.3/12.8 (Typ./Max.)
    Outline Features :Form StyleFlat RectangleShape Style 
    Aspect Ratio4:3 (H:V)OrientationLandscape type
    Mounting :Rear mounting holes (4-Φ2.6)
    Other Detail :Weight150/165g (Typ./Max.)TreatmentAntiglare, Hard coating (3H)

    AUO 5.7inch G057QN01 V2 Electronics Details

    Refresh Rate :60Hz 
    Reverse Scan :Yes (U/D, L/R)
    Total Consumption :3.37W (Typ.)
    Time Controller (T-CON) :Embedded T-CON

    AUO 5.7inch G057QN01 V2 Interface Detail

    Signal Electrical :Input Current115/130mA (Typ./Max.)Input Voltage3.3V (Typ.)
    Consumption0.46/0.51W (Typ./Max.)Signal InterfaceCMOS (1 ch, 6-bit)
    Logic Voltage :0≤VIL≤0.3VDD; 0.7VDD≤VIH≤VDD
    Interface Features :Position-Physical TypeConnector
    Interface Detail :BrandModelPin PitchPinsAmountPin Assignment 
    STARCONN089H33-000100-G2-R0.5 mm33 pins1 pcsDRGB-33P1C6B-010A

    AUO 5.7inch G057QN01 V2 Backlight Details

    Lamp Features :Lamp TypeWLEDQuantity-PositionEdge light type
    ExchangeReplaceableLamp Shape-Lamp Life50K(Min.) (Hours)
    Lamp Electrical :Input Voltage25.6/29.2V (Typ./Max.)Current Supply100mA (Typ.)
    Consumption2.56/2.92W (Typ./Max.) 
    Interface Features :Position-TypeConnector
    Interface Detail :BrandModelPitchPinsQuantityPin Configuration 
    JSTSM06B-SRKS-G-TB1.0 mm6 pins1 pcs 
    Backlight Driver :With LED Driver
    Driver Electrical :Voltage Supply9.0/12.0/21.0V (Min./Typ./Max.)Current Supply0.24/0.29A (Typ./Max.)
    Consumption2.88/3.48W (Typ./Max.)

    AUO 5.7inch G057QN01 V2 Packing Details

    Package Box :AmountSize (L*W*H)Weight
    60pcs / box520*340*250 mm 12.95 Kgs

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