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The display principle of the VA LCD display


  The VA LCD screen has become a common display mode for large -sized TFT LCDs with its wide visual perspective, high contrast, and no need to friction alignment. The VA display is a vertical black mode, with a very good black state, and the corresponding contrast is very high. The VA display technology is the same as the IPS display technology in many optical principles and electrical principles, but the VA LCD screen uses vertical rotation negative liquid crystal, so it forms some different points from the IPS LCD screen.

  First, the optical principle of the VA LCD display. The optical principle displayed by VA determines the optical specifications of this VA product. We analyze from the three optical indicators of brightness, contrast, and visible perspective. First of all, the brightness of the liquid crystal display is the product of the maximum transmission rate of the LCD screen and the brightness of the backlight. The VA display technology uses a transparent ITO electrode in both the TFT side and the CF side. There are some boundary structures in the pixels, which will cause the transmission rate of these structure attachments to be far lower than the standard value which can be mended by redesigning the transmission rate. The transmission rate of VA display is between that of TN display and IPS display, so the VA LCD screen has only a weak advantage in brightness. About the contrast, the VA display mode does not need to be aligned by the alignment film that directly plays the role of vertical calibration. The liquid crystal is naturally arranged vertically without voltage. The brightness is directed by the black mode generated by the orthogonality of PVA and research photons. The TN display mode and IPS display mode need to be processed by the matching film. Therefore, the contrast of the VA display mode is naturally higher than the TN and IPS display mode. In terms of visual perspective, although the VA display technology has the highest contrast on the front perspective of the LCD screen, the distribution uniformity of the contrast between each perspective is not that good. Therefore, the IPS display technology is better.

  Second, the electrical principle of VA LCD display. After the external voltage is on, the VA liquid crystal molecule is bent on the vertical direction of the glass substrate. The VA display does not need to be aligned. It can be considered that the VA liquid crystal molecules only have purely bending and deformed rotation on the vertical surface. The external voltage when the elastic resistance and torque balance are the VA threshold voltage. The threshold voltage of the VA LCD screen is often larger than the TN display and IPS display, which also requires the VA LCD screen to use a higher driving voltage.


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