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Shell Design LCD Installation


  When planning the design of the LCD shell, we should follow some basic principles. The most important parameters are the size and display area of the LCD display. Below, we will introduce the shell design of the LCD installation from the three aspects of the important size parameters of the LCD screen, the size design of the shell, and the shell assembly process.

  1. The important size parameters of the LCD display

  Outlet size (TFT OD) -the external size of the LCD display

  Visual area (TFT Open) -The visual area of LCD display, you can see the area.

  Effective area (TFT AA) -The activity area of LCD display, where the pixel is located.

  Second, LCD screen shell size design

  If the window of the shell is larger than the vision area (TFT Open), the metal framework of the display screen will be exposed, which will be very unsightly. On the other hand, if the window is smaller than the effective area (TFT AA), it will cover the images displayed on the screen.

  Therefore, we should start designing the LCD case from the most important parameter size, namely OD, Open, and AA.

  When you design the case for the uxtouch touch screen module, you should pay attention to the size of the upper glass (the radius of the length, wide, and angle of horn), the thickness of the touch panel, the thickness of the glass, and the installation tape. We offer a various uxtouch module installed tape: 0.2 mm, 0.5 mm, or custom thickness suitable for various applications. In addition, a very important factor is to locate the display relative to the touch pad.

  For a display module with a installation frame, the diameter and spacing of the installation hole are important parameters, as shown below.

  3. LCD screen housing assembly process

  The correct assembly process of the LCD display module in the shell is crucial. During the wrong assembly process, very common damage is:

  FFC's damage

  Separate from TP and TFT

  Damage to TFT glass

  Bending of the LCD framework

  In the first stage of installing the display module on the shell, you should pay attention to the protection of the edge of the FFC to ensure that the FFC will not be damaged.

  We recommend the use of supporting frames assembled on the back of the display screen. Additional support will make the entire structure harder and minimize the impact of external factors, such as vibration and temperature changes.



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