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Which is better, full fit or frame fit?


  Which is better, full fit or frame fit?

  Full bonding and frame bonding are two different touch screen bonding methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which method to use depends on specific needs.

  Full fit refers to the complete fit of the touch screen and display screen together, without gaps, with a beautiful appearance, which can better protect the touch screen and display screen, and improve the overall structural strength. The advantage of full fit is that it can reduce the thickness of the screen, improve the lightness of the product, and better prevent dust and water vapor from entering, improving the durability of the product. However, the disadvantage of full lamination is that it requires high manufacturing process requirements and requires the use of high-precision equipment and processes, resulting in relatively high costs.

  Frame pasting refers to the process of fitting the touch screen and display screen together through a border, with a gap in the middle, which may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a full fit. The advantages of frame pasting are its simple manufacturing process and low cost, but its disadvantage is that it cannot completely prevent dust and water vapor from entering, and its appearance is not as aesthetically pleasing as full fitting.

  Therefore, the choice between full fit or frame pasting should be determined based on specific needs. If the appearance and structural strength requirements are high, or if it is necessary to maintain the quality and performance of the product for a long time, full bonding can be chosen; If there are high requirements for cost and manufacturing process, or if the product does not need to maintain high quality and performance for a long time, frame stickers can be chosen.


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