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What is the reason why the touch screen does not respond?


  There may be multiple reasons why the touch screen does not respond?

  There may be various reasons why the touch screen does not respond, including but not limited to:

  1. There is an issue with the calibration position of the touch screen.

  2. Loose or short circuited wiring.

  3. Equipment hardware and system malfunctions.

  The driver for the touch screen is not installed properly.

  5. The sound wave reflection stripes around the surface acoustic wave touch screen accumulate dust or scale, which affects the transmission of sound wave signals.

  6. The touch screen has malfunctioned.

  7. The touch screen control card has malfunctioned.

  8. The touch screen signal line is faulty.

  9. The serial port of the computer host has malfunctioned.

  10. The computer's operating system has malfunctioned.

  11. Touch screen driver installation error.

  The above reasons are for reference only, and the specific reasons need to be investigated according to the actual situation. If encountering related problems, it is recommended to contact professional technical personnel for handling.


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