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What is difference between anti-interference and electromagnetic interference


  Anti interference and electromagnetic interference are two different concepts, and there is a clear difference between them.

  Electromagnetic interference (EMI) refers to electronic noise generated by electromagnetic radiation sources such as motors and machines, which can interfere with cable signals and reduce signal integrity. Electromagnetic interference is an objective physical phenomenon that refers to all electromagnetic phenomena that can cause damage. Electromagnetic interference sources can be roughly divided into two categories: natural interference and human interference. The main sources of natural interference come from atmospheric electrical noise and cosmic noise in the outer space of the Earth; Human interference sources are electromagnetic energy interference generated by electromechanical or other artificial devices, some of which are devices specifically designed to emit electromagnetic energy, such as radio equipment such as broadcasting, television, communication, radar, and navigation.

  Anti interference refers to the device's ability to prevent electromagnetic interference from passing through the antenna input, the device's casing, and acting on the device along the power line. Anti interference is a system or technology used to combat any interference caused by communication or radar operation. Its basic principles are to suppress interference sources, cut off interference propagation paths, and improve the anti-interference performance of sensitive devices. Anti interference technology involves multiple aspects such as circuit design, shielding technology, grounding technology, etc., aiming to reduce or eliminate the impact of electromagnetic interference on equipment performance.

  In summary, electromagnetic interference refers to electronic noise that interferes with cable signals and reduces signal integrity, while anti-interference refers to the ability and technology of equipment to prevent electromagnetic interference. There are significant differences between the two in terms of definition, sources, and response measures.


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