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What is the function of a shielding wire?


  Shielded wire is a specially designed transmission line, which mainly functions in the following aspects:

  Reduce the impact of external electromagnetic fields on power or communication lines: The shielding wire is wrapped around the signal wire with a metal mesh braided layer, which is usually made of red copper or tin plated copper. This design can effectively prevent interference from external electromagnetic fields on internal signal lines, ensuring the stability and accuracy of signal transmission.

  Prevent external electromagnetic radiation from the circuit: In addition to preventing interference from external electromagnetic fields, shielded wires can also prevent internal signal lines from radiating electromagnetic energy outward, thereby avoiding interference with other equipment or systems.

  Avoiding interference signals from entering the inner layer: The presence of a shielding layer can prevent interference signals from entering the inner conductor, thereby avoiding the impact of interference signals on signal transmission.

  Reduce the loss of transmission signals: By preventing external interference and internal signal radiation, shielded wires can reduce the loss during signal transmission, improve the efficiency and quality of signal transmission.

  Isolate electromagnetic field noise sources from sensitive equipment: The function of shielding wires is also to isolate electromagnetic field noise sources from sensitive equipment, cut off the propagation path of noise sources, and protect sensitive equipment from electromagnetic interference.

  Shielding wires are divided into two types: active shielding and passive shielding. The purpose of active shielding is to prevent the noise source from radiating outward, which is to shield the noise source; Passive shielding, on the other hand, is to prevent sensitive devices from being interfered by noise sources and is a form of shielding for sensitive devices.

  In practical applications, shielded wires are commonly used in high electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments, such as computer rooms, factories, hospitals, airports, and in lines that require long-distance transmission to ensure stable signal transmission. Meanwhile, when selecting shielding wires, it is important to note that the insulation layer of the grounding wire in the shielding layer has a conductive function and can conduct with the shielding layer (with a certain resistance) to ensure that the shielding layer can effectively function.

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