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How to solve the problem of no signal output after converting EDP to LVDS?


  Q1. When the adapter board is connected to the EDP signal, is there no output from LVDS or no display on the LCD screen?

  Answer: A. Check if the EDP wiring and LVDS wiring are connected correctly, and if the wire sequence corresponds.

  B. Whether the power supply voltage of the driver board is normal is set according to the power supply requirements of the LCD screen.

  C. Does the EDP output resolution of the driver board meet the resolution requirements of the LCD screen.

  D. Check if the CN7 gold needle configuration is correct, refer to 6.4. CN7 configuration instructions above.


     Q2, LVDS LCD screen can display the screen, but the screen color is abnormal or flashing?

  Answer: A. Check the CN7 configuration instructions, check the data BIT, 6BIT, 8BIT; Data format (VESA or JEIDA).

  B. Is the resolution and data bits of the EDP output of the driver board correct? 6BIT, 8BIT.

  C. Check if the wiring sequence is correct.

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