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Application case of 6.5-inch LCD screen of vehicle radar speedometer


Industry: vehicle radar speed meter, used for roadside speed measurement and vehicle speed measurement.
Product introduction of vehicle radar speedometer
Product introduction of radar velocimeter
1. There are various installation methods, which can be carried by car, placed on the side of the road with triangular bracket, or upgraded to fixed point.
2. 6.5-inch high brightness handwritten touch screen, easy to operate.
3. Using external large capacity lithium battery, continuous working for more than 10 hours.
4. Narrow wave velocity radar can effectively prevent the detection of electronic dog, and the capture rate is as high as 99.7%.
5. 2 million (5 million) industrial pixels.
6. The design of one button switch and switch screen makes the power more durable.
7. It can capture 1-4 photos in a row, which makes speed measurement and law enforcement more convincing.
8. The system adopts anti-virus and maintenance free design and never collapses.
9. With 24-hour all-weather working ability, excellent rainproof and dustproof performance, to accept the challenge of Southern rain, fearless of northern strict
10. The software design is flexible, and the functions can be changed and added according to the needs of customers.
11. When two sets of equipment are used at the same time, interval speed measurement can be realized.
Product function advantages: it can work all day, single and two-way speed measurement, license plate recognition, speed limit of big and small cars, wireless transmission, remote control, U disk automatic download, black and white list comparison, GPS positioning, 4G transmission, traffic flow statistics, interval speed measurement, etc.
Customer radar tachometer LCD screen selection requirements: 6.5 inch LCD screen, good outdoor brightness, wide temperature range, good stability
Our recommended solution: 6.5-inch g065vn01 V2 of Taiwan Youda + Taiwan industrial grade wide temperature four wire resistive touch screen + customized LVDS screen line (PS: g065vn01 V2 LCD and touch screen are available in stock, if necessary, please contact our business colleagues to provide specifications and product pictures.)
Advantages: g065vn01 V2 display brightness 800nits, working temperature: - 30 ℃ to 80 ℃, g065vn01 V2 original factory package high brightness LCD screen, good stability, built-in constant current source, cost-effective, enjoy Youda photoelectric original factory one year warranty, g065vn01 V2 all in stock, batch without waiting for delivery, working time 30000 hours, fully ensure the stability of quality. Taiwan Industrial LCD resistive touch screen,

Scene pictures of vehicle radar speedometer:

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