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Ship communication navigation automatic steering instrument 7 -inch LCD screen


Ship communication navigation automatic steering instrument 7 -inch LCD screen solution

  Industry: ship communication navigation

  Application product: Marine autopilot

  The communication navigation industry is a segment of the communication and navigation industry in the field of marine ships. The shipping and navigation industry is an important part of the ship industry and an important factor affecting the comprehensive strength of the ship industry. With the rapid development of my country's shipbuilding industry, the problems of shipping and navigation industry have become increasingly severe and prominent.

  1、7 inches display, resolution 800*480, golden screen ratio 16:10, showing delicate and clear, 134ppi


2 、4 rudder mode, switch free: manual mode, automatic mode, follow-up mode, navigation mode

  Customer LCD screen selection requirements:7 -inch LCD screen,long -term stable supply

  Our recommend schemes: Innolux Original 7 -inch Crystal Screen AT070TN94

  AT070TN94 technical parameters:resolution is 800 (RGB) × 480, WVGA, 134ppi, brightness is 400 cd/m² (TYP.), Contrast 500: 1 (Typ.) (Transmitted), visual angle 70/70/50/50 /70 (TYP.) (CR ≥ 10), working temperature: -30 ~ 85 ° C, storage temperature: -30 ~ 85 ° C, signal system Parallel RGB (1 CH, 6/8 -Bit), 50 pins,FPC backlight type 3s9p WLED, 20K hours, no driver, response speed 25 (TYP.) (TR+TD) ms.

  Recommended reason: Innolux original package 7 -inch LCD screen, wide temperature, good brightness. Compared with other original brands, 7 -inch LCD screen quality stability is good. In the year, customers’ need were very large. At present, there is no news from the suspension of production. It can even be provided for another 10 years. The supply is stable and the price is high. The quality of AT070TN94 LCD screen is good for car display.

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