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G084sn05 V9 cost reduction alternative m084gns1 R1


Customer product: industrial computer
The customer originally used the 8.4-inch g084sn05 V9 LCD screen of Youda. The customer wanted to reduce the cost and find an alternative.
Our recommended solution: Longteng 8.4-inch m084gns1 R1 LCD, 350 CD / M ² ( Typ.), working temperature - 20 ~ 70 ℃ ° C ;
Reason for recommendation: customers do not have high requirements for the environment of their products, so they can reduce the working temperature and display brightness. M084gns1 R1 size compatible, original package LCD, good stability, built-in constant current source, compatible with g084sn05 V9 size, cost-effective, enjoy the original one-year warranty, available in stock.

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