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What should 10.1-inch high brightness outdoor industrial LCD screen pay attentio


As the name suggests, outdoor industrial LCD is the product equipment used in outdoor environment, but sometimes it is completely open without any shelter, some designs may have a canopy. Such as outdoor advertising, charging piles, express cabinets and other products on the LCD screen are used in the outdoor environment.
First of all, we should consider the brightness of outdoor 10.1 inch high brightness Industrial LCD screen. If there is a brand original high brightness Industrial LCD screen is best, however, if there is no original high brightness LCD screen. We need to choose a good manufacturer of outdoor high brightness LCD, change the backlight to make it bright, and try our best to ensure the quality.
With a 10.1-inch high brightness Industrial LCD screen, we need to find an outdoor waterproof and dustproof shell, which is also learned. First, there is a requirement on the thickness. We must ensure that the screen can be installed properly. At the same time, we must also consider a serious problem, that is, heat dissipation. The second thing to consider is that the shell is waterproof and dustproof. According to the region, we should also consider acid rain corrosion. The materials used may be different.
Heat dissipation problem. This outdoor bright industrial LCD cooling problem is estimated to be a headache for many customers. It can meet the environment of different high and low temperatures, and can automatically sense the temperature to ensure that the internal temperature of the machine is within the range of 5-25 degrees. The patented heat dissipation system ensures that the LCD screen will not blacken in the extremely hot summer and cold winter.
Aging and safety issues. The safety of any machine is a very important issue. A good brand of outdoor high brightness LCD screen all the assembly must pass the comprehensive test, passed the waterproof test and high temperature aging, low temperature aging, simulated sunlight test. No matter what season and region, are not afraid of the sun, not easy to aging, good quality.
Outdoor lightning protection. Outdoor bright industrial LCD must be installed with lightning protection device, and the body and shell of outdoor bright LCD shall be well grounded.
10.1-inch outdoor industrial LCD with original Youda g101evn03.1 1000 CD / M ² ( Typ.), full view 85 / 85 / 85 / 85 (typ.) (CR ≥ 10). If you don't choose the original bright industrial LCD screen of Youda 10.1, you can choose the ordinary bright LCD screen to change the backlight to increase the brightness, but if you change the backlight LCD screen, the original factory may not guarantee it.


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