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Industrial LCD screen, ship, rail transit, medical display and other application


 Industrial LCD screen should be very wide, such as ship display, rail transit display, medical display, and many standard size industrial LCD screens used in other industrial display industries. Today, we will give you a general list of the industrial LCD screens used in the product display of these industries.

 Ship display: radar fishing, sonar detection and other industry applications

8.4 / 10.4/12.1/15/19 "color Industrial LCD screen

  Rail transit display: Metro high-speed rail gate, car display, self-service ticketing

6.5 / 15 / 17 / 18.5 / 19 / 21.5 "and other color Industrial LCD screens

Medical display: Color Doppler ultrasound, endoscope, ECG monitor, ventilator, blood instrument analysis and detection
10.4 "and" 12.1 "and" 15 "and" 17 "color Industrial LCD screens


 Other industrial display industries: UAV control, optical fiber welding machine, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, game machine, ruggedized computer, etc

10.1 / 12.1/15/17 "and other color Industrial LCD screens

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