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How to distinguish between industrial LCD and ordinary consumer LCD?


When customers apply their products to LCD screen selection, they will face the problem of choosing industrial LCD screen or ordinary LCD screen. We should know that the price of industrial displays is much more expensive than that of ordinary consumer displays, so why is consumer displays more expensive than industrial LCD screens? Today, let's distinguish between industrial and ordinary consumer screens. Is there any difference? I hope you will be helpful in product selection in the future.
Generally speaking, due to the different working environment of industrial LCD, it is much worse than the general living environment. For example, dust exists in some workshops, outdoor use may be exposed to wind, sun and rain, and sudden fall. Outdoor extremely cold, high temperature and other conditions may occur, It is precisely because of these special use environment that makes the industrial LCD robust and durable, whether it is high temperature or low temperature, whether it is in the sun or rain, the industrial LCD can work normally.
1. Reliability
Industrial liquid crystal display needs 24 hours, 365 days of uninterrupted work, power, and the environment of industrial display is much worse than that of TV display working at home, so it is required to be more stable. At the same time, all aspects of industrial display performance requirements are higher than ordinary display, such as component voltage, current, humidity, high and low temperature and so on. Moreover, the design direction is also different. For example, the TV sets will be aging after 8 hours of power on, while the industrial displays will be aging only after 24 hours of power on at high temperature and high humidity.
Industrial display screen is mainly used in industrial automation, medical and military industry. The difference between industrial display screen and ordinary display screen is that it usually adopts the special design of shockproof. Industrial grade LCD generally can reach the working temperature of - 30 ~ + 80. Compared with consumer LCD, it will be more stable and reliable in harsh environment.
2. Shell
The shell design of industrial LCD generally adopts all steel design, and the panel is divided into ordinary iron plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and other different materials, with the special design of dust prevention and shockproof.
Ordinary consumer display shell material is generally plastic shell, and the plastic shell on radiation suppression is not strong, anti-interference ability is weak, signal instability, will interrupt.
3. Working temperature
Industrial liquid crystal display, the general working temperature can be - 20 ~ 70 degrees, some special industries have higher environmental requirements, need to use a wider temperature (- 40 to 85 degrees) of liquid crystal display. Qun Chuang and Mitsubishi have also produced ultra wide temperature industrial LCD screens of suitable sizes.
4. Contrast
Industrial products LCD display situation sometimes users can not guarantee the best distance or ideal lighting conditions to watch, high contrast LCD is necessary. 450:1 contrast is ideal for 10.4-inch, 12.1-inch, or 15 inch displays used in most industrial applications.
5. Display brightness
Because most ordinary consumer displays are used in indoor environment, the brightness is about 250 ~ 300 CD / m2 (NIT), and the diagonal size of 15 inch LCD is the most commonly used. However, this brightness level of display can not meet the requirements in industrial environment, because the environment is more luminous, and its brightness is easy to exceed the brightness of LCD backlight.
Moreover, the touch screen is often used in the industrial environment, which will reduce the brightness of the display and make it look dark. In the usual medical, industrial and public telephone booth applications, the required brightness should be at least 450 CD / m2. Response time in the past, the response time of passive display technology, including LCD, is very poor compared with active light-emitting display technology.
6. Service life
For consumers in the industrial market, whether it is used in industrial equipment or in the display terminal of medical equipment, the requirement of backlight life often needs more than 5W hours. Consumer screens have the highest working life, that is, 3W hours. When they are used for more than 3W hours, the backlight of the screen will gradually age, while industrial screens have the lowest backlight life of 5W hours. The longer backlight life can reach 7W and 10W hours, and can last for five and a half years under the condition of continuous working for 24 hours.
7. Long term supply
Compared with consumer screens, the supply cycle of industrial screens is more than three years, even longer than three years (some 8.4-inch, 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch models have been supplied for 10 years, and are still in stable supply). However, ordinary consumer screens are often out of stock and out of production within half a year to a year, such as flat-panel LCD screens for mobile phones, which are updated very quickly, If the medical products are selected and the relevant qualification certification has not started, the LCD screen will stop production, which will seriously affect the follow-up of the whole project.
From the comparison of the above seven points, the difference between the industrial display screen and the ordinary display screen is not only the price, but also the raw material selection of the industrial LCD screen is more stringent: in order to create such an "iron wall" industrial LCD screen, there must be certain requirements and specifications in the selection of materials, and in order to achieve high reliability, the internal structure also needs industrial design.


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