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What are the characteristics of outdoor industrial LCD display?


When we see the word "outdoor" on LCD outdoor display, we first think that the environment is outdoor, which is usually used in public places, such as shopping malls, stations, squares and other outdoor advertising machines, bus stops, self-service ordering and so on. Now outdoor display is everywhere. With the diversification of media and the development of information technology, LCD outdoor display has gradually formed a certain scale, Therefore, it has the characteristics of equipment safety, personnel safety and system stability and durability. In particular, industrial outdoor LCD display has three prevention standards:
Industrial grade outdoor LCD screen three proofing refers to a kind of super dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, with its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti falling, anti rolling performance, can be competent for often bad weather conditions and special occasions, widely used in outdoor extreme sports, as well as military industry.
There are also outdoor LCD displays that can be used in outdoor harsh environment, such as high and low temperature resistance, increased display optical effect and anti vibration performance, and realized clear visibility in the sun.
Many industrial outdoor displays can be used in extreme environments. They have the following characteristics: high sensitivity, long service life, ultra long endurance, ergonomic design, high brightness, fast response, high temperature and humidity storage, multi touch, dust-proof, wide color gamut, visible in the sun, anti drop, full view, low temperature operation, etc. they are fully qualified for LCD outdoor display.

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