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How about AUO optoelectronics?


With the rapid development of electronic products, more and more industries will use LCD, such as: 1. Medical industry LCD: electronic infusion pump, vital capacity tester, asthma nebulizer, vision correction instrument. 2. LCD screen of instrument industry: water meter, electricity meter, natural gas meter, gas meter, heating meter, temperature meter, humidity meter, etc. 3. LCD screen of household appliance industry: air purifier, water purifier, induction cooker, microwave oven, electric cooker, washing machine, refrigerator 4. LCD screen of vehicle industry: vehicle instrument, electronic water temperature meter, electronic oil meter Electronic pressure gauge 5. LCD screen of industrial control industry: opening meter, tachometer, turn meter, voltmeter, ammeter 6. LCD screen of financial and tax control industry: U shield, small POS machine, cash counting machine, cash detector, Golden Tax plate 7. LCD screen of health physiotherapy industry: foot bath, Manicure machine, low frequency therapeutic instrument, massage chair, moxibustion instrument 8. LCD screen of beauty and hairdressing industry: perm clip, face slimming instrument LCD screen of power tool industry: electric wrench, impact drill, tensiometer, electric zipper saw 10. LCD screen of science and education instrument industry: vernier caliper, infrared range finder, electronic curriculum, classroom clock 11. LCD screen of maternal and infant products industry: milk heater, sucking device, temperature measuring bottle, intelligent water cup, car water heater Car refrigerator 12. Agricultural tools industry LCD: soil moisture tester, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium tester, automatic irrigation system, pH tester, Sugar Meter 13. Fire alarm industry LCD: Fire induction alarm 14. Photographic equipment industry LCD: SLR camera status

The above is just a simple list. It is certain that LCD products will be used in more than these industries. In the face of such a wide range of market applications, there are more and more LCD suppliers in the market. Among them, our most common brand is "Youda optoelectronics". Many customers will be puzzled when they get to know about Youda LCD. The price of Youda LCD is not cheap, and its quality is low How about the brand? Today we will analyze how about the Youda LCD screen?
As we can see from the introduction of Youda optoelectronics, the technology of Youda optoelectronics originated from Japan. In 2001, it became the largest FTF LCD manufacturer in Taiwan and the third largest in the world. As for the quality and stability of Youda LCD screen, it is very popular with customers at home and abroad who have requirements for the quality of LCD screen products. Compared with some domestic screens with immature technology and AUO photoelectric technology team, it is very professional,
The LCD panel of Youda optoelectronics has the characteristics of wide viewing angle technology, fast response and high penetration rate, and is equipped with high efficiency LED backlight to meet the needs of diversified products. If the application environment is not very good and the quality of LCD products is required, it is recommended that you choose Youda LCD. If the parameters and conditions are met, Youda LCD will be more expensive in terms of unit price, but where is the quality and stability of Youda LCD and has a long service life.

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