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Flying instrument panel 3.5 -inch high -bright TFT LCD


  Industry: Instrument panel and Manufacturing Industry

  Application product: flying instrument panel

  Customer selection requirements: The company produces full meters and sensors of light aircrafts, which requires a 3.5 -inch LCD screen readable in the sun.

  Our solution: XH-T 035MLH-26 3.5-inch configuration screen

  XH-T035MLH-26 is the TFT-LCD module consisting of TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC, backlight unit and 3.5-inch display area. It contains 320 x (RGB) X 240 pixels, which can display up to 16.7m colors. This product meets the ROHS environmental standards.

  Recommended reasons: XH-T035mlh-26's brightness is 900nits, sunlight visible, working temperature: -20-70℃, storage temperature: -30-80℃, low power consumption, fast response time, light weight, simple structure, low cost, in line with client needs.

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