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10.4 -inch LCD screen solution of Optical fiber laser cutting machine with human


10.4 -inch LCD screen solution of Optical fiber laser cutting machine with human machine interaction

  Industry: cutting machine

  Application product: fiber laser cutting machine human machine interaction

  The optical fiber laser cutting machine uses optical fiber laser generators as a light source. It is a newly developed type of new fiber laser outputing high -energy density laser beam internationally gathering on the surface of the workpiece. the areas that are irradiated by the ultra -key light spots on the workpiece instantly melt and gasify, and automatically cut through moving position of the light spots.


      Customer selection requirements: 10.4 inches replaceable to INNOLUX LSA40AT9001, reliable quality, long -term stable supply.

  Our recommendation solution: Tianma original 10.4 -inch LCD screen TM104SDHG30.

  Technical parameters: TM104SDHG30 resolution is 800 (RGB) × 600, SVGA, width and height ratio: 4: 3, brightness is 350 cd/m² (typ.), Contrast 500: 1 (typ.) (Transmitted), visual angle viewing angle 70/70/60/70 (TYP.) (CR ≥ 10), working temperature: -20 ~ 70 ° C, storage temperature: -30 ~ 80 ° C, signal system Parallel RGB (1 CH, 6/8 -Bit ), 60 pins, FPC backlight type 3S12P WLED, life expectancy is 30K hours, no driver, response speed 25 (TYP.) (TR+TD) ms.

  Recommended reasons: Customers used to use Innolux 10.4 -inch LSA40AT9001, which have been discontinued for many years. The customer still uses the assembly screen to supply the goods. Now the customer needs a stable original screen. TM104SDHG30-02 can be compatible with LSA40AT9001, which is the original screen of the Tianma. It has a reliable performance and continuous production. TM104SDHG30-02 Started mass production in Q1, 2020. According to the Tianma the original industry, the LCD screen supply cycle is 3 to 5 years. It can even be provided for another 10 years. The supply is stable and cost -effective.

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